How to learn Deep Smart Skills from Smart People : OPPTY Process

I read below Harvard Business School published article in Hindu Newspaper. Worth Pondering on this. Pls find below the nuggets of the article

OPPTY: a process to make yourself an expert

  • Acquire ‘deep smart’ skills by consciously thinking about how the experts in your organisation operate and deliberately learn from them
  • “I don’t know what we’d do without him!” That’s what an executive in a Fortune 100 company recently told us about a brilliant project leader
  • Deep smarts are not merely facts and data that anyone can access. They consist of know-how: skilled ways of thinking, making decisions and behaving that lead to success again and again
  • Deep smarts can’t be hired off the street or right out of school. High-potential employees who prove their ability to quickly and efficiently acquire expertise will find themselves in great demand.
  •  So how do you acquire deep smarts? By consciously thinking about how the experts in your organisation operate and deliberately learning from them. Of course, you can’t — and don’t want to — become a carbon copy of another person
  • Deeply smart people are unique — a product of their particular mindset, education and experience. But you should be able to identify the elements of their knowledge and behaviour that make them so valuable to the organisation.
  • How to learn from Deep Smart People? – Through a process we call OPPTY, which stands for Observation, Practice, Partnering and joint problem-solving, and Taking responsibilitY. Observation involves shadowing an expert and systematically analysing what he or she does. Practice requires identifying a specific expert behaviour or task that you can attempt on your own, but with supervision and feedback. Partnering and joint problem-solving mean actively working with the expert to analyse and address challenges.