Measuring Consumer Journey by Paul Muret VP Google – Article on Harvard Business Review

  • According to Google research, 88% of consumers research products and services before making a purchase, and the average customer consults 10.4 sources before making a choice. Today, these purchase decisions are a product of our activity across screens
  • The constantly connected consumer comes in contact with your brand in a variety of ways, over many days or weeks, across different devices and channels.
  • Practice Holistic Measurement – A Google research study found that 90% of multi-device owners switched between screens to complete a task. Understanding how customers connect with your brand across these multiple touch-points is the first step toward effective measurement
  • Attribute the Right Value to your Marketing Channels Lead Atttribution – Our research shows that while only 14% of marketers consider last-click analysis to be “very effective,” over 50% still use last-click measurement as the biggest influencer for a purchase decision. It remains the industry standard in many places. 
  • Consumer behavior has evolved, and brands need to as well.Marketers today need a better understanding of how to attribute value to each one of their channels
  • Understanding how different channels work together enables your company to improve these models over time
  • Try developing different creatives for consumers in different geographies. Test various graphics, messaging, and timing
  • When 60% of online purchases happen after multiple brand interactions, it’s critical to stay agile, and act on the insights of your customers and their journeys.

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