Mix Panel for App Analytics & User engagement

Mix Panel is one of the best App analytics tool for small & middle level enterprise. The Best app analytics tool to track the App User Engagement.

We can push custom attributes to event to capture key metrics!

In Mix Panel, the event can send below attributes to come-up with the actionable insights

  • Engagement attribute – Product call to action, venues, etc
  • Referral source attribute – Referral source / notification sources
  • Member attribute – Matri-id, Member Type, Gender, Registration date, Login date

Super Property – We can define Super Property to the event to tag attributes across all events
User Profiles or People Property – In addition to events, you can store user profiles in Mixpanel's People Analytics product. Profiles are persistent sets of properties that describe a user – things like name, email address, and signup date.

Mixpanel Limitations

  • Geo City level data is not provided
  • For Acquisition report, we need to like for other tools like Appsflyer