Multi Channel Attribution Model – How to get the Insight?

Multi Channel Attribution helps to understand how the vistor used different channel touchpoints  to convert & crediting the channel based on different Models (Like First, Last, Linear, time decay, etc)






Advantage of Multi Channel Attribution helps to identify the channel

  • that drives conversion in first interaction
  • that drives conversion in last interaction
  • that drives conversion not in first or in last

Attribution Model Mix Approach

Last Vs First INteraction Model

•    If First Interaction % is Red, Then The Channel has the ability to Persuade
•    If First Interaction % is Green, Then The Channel ability to Build Awareness 

First Interaction Vs Time Decay Model

If Time Decay % is Green, Then The Channel ability to Persuade in Successive touch points till Conversion

MCF with Path "Position Relative to Conversion" Dimension

Marring the MCF with "Postion Relative to Conversion dimension with Assisted Conversion metrics helps to understand in which touchpoints the channels drives conversion (In 1st Touch Point, 2nd Touchpoints, 3rd touch points etc)