Owned, Brought & Earned (Paid) Media – Benefits & Challenges

  • Owned Media – A channel a brand owns. This could be your website, blog, Facebook page or Twitter account
    This is where you are building a long term on-line asset and relationship with existing and potential customers that continues to build the more you invest. Investing in this is often overlooked because it doesn’t produce immediate benefits.
  • Bought (Paid) Media – This is where you pay to participate. This could be display ads on Facebook or paid search on Google. This media can be treated as a catalyst that feeds owned and creates earned media
  • Earned Media – Customers respond to your marketing and become the channel (crowd sourced marketing). This can be word of mouth (WOM), buzz and viral. This is where you listen and respond and stoke the fires. This is often the result of a well executed and well coordinated 

Source: http://www.jeffbullas.com/2011/08/19/is-the-best-digital-marketing-earned-owned-or-bought/