Google Ads – Google Optimization Score – SEM Optimization Dashboard – Driven by AI & Machine Learning

Few weeks back Google Launched Google Optimization Score Feature in Google Ads. You will find the Feature in Recommendation Tab in Google Ads. Using AI & Machhine Learning, Google will scan your Google Ads campaign & provide optimization … [Continue reading]

Google Ads Exact Match – Exact Match Keyword Intent Considered Through AI

Google Ads Exact Match Targetting, What it includes Exact Match Keyword Exact Match Keyword Plurals Mispell or typo keywords Intent of the query match the keyword (This is identified through AI) Image … [Continue reading]

Google Analytics for Power Users Course in Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Academy come up with a new course Called "Google Analytics for Power Users" The Google Analytics for Power Users Covers Ecommerce Reporting - Detailed understanding on different ecommerce report in … [Continue reading]

Responsive Search Ads (Beta) Format in Google Ads – Lets Play with Ads Variant

Google Ads (Formely Known as Google Adwords) introduced Responsive Search Ads format (Beta) that serve Relevant Ads (from your multiple Ads Variant) that suits the ad format. You can build 5 headlines & 4 Desciptions  Benefits … [Continue reading]

What is Google Project Navlekha for India & How Google Monetize from it? 

What is Google Navlekha Project for India? Navlekha helps Indian Vernacular Language Publishers (Those who don't have online presence) to publishers the vernacular content online This Project is to bring India's … [Continue reading]

Voice & Video Will Rule SEO

How the People search & consume content in internet is changed drastically.   Voice Search - 20% of mobile search done via voice.  – 58% of consumers have used voice search to find local business information within … [Continue reading]

Difference Between Firebase Cloud Messaging & In-APP Messaging

S. No Particulars  Cloud Messaging In-APP Messaging 1 Marketing Push Marketing Behavioural Marketing / Realtime … [Continue reading]

Firebase In-APP Messaging Launched – Features – Report – Benefits

Few days back firebase launched Firebase In-APP Messaging. What is in it  What is Firebase In-APP Messaging? Engage with targeted In-APP Users at right time to complete Key InApp Actions What are Firebase In APP … [Continue reading]

Google’s Aug. 1 core algorithm update Insight

The Vertical that has been Impacted by Core alogritham Udpate Google gives less Weightage to the pages that collects critical Information from Users * Pages that solicit personal information, such as personal identification … [Continue reading]

Indian Financial Journal Brand Portal Traffic Ad – Very Funny

One of the very famous Financial Journal Brand Portal claims that there "Avg. Minutes Per Visitor is 104 Minutes" and there near by competitor Avg. Minutes Per Visitor is 62 Minutes and 3.8 Minutes.This means there Visitor is spending … [Continue reading]