Adwords Enhanced Campaign will leverage on Mobile Device Visitor Behavior

Google Adwords launched enhanced Campaign model. What's new. Targetting & Managing Multi Screen Consumer is very easy using this interface. More over, enhanced campaign report helps to figure out lead attribution better. Whether the visitors … [Continue reading]

Mobile Advertising / presence helps to boost offline sales!

Inference  Smartphones attributes offline sales - 71 0f the smart phones does local search to locate a store. It is very interesting Info. We can infer, if a netizen wants to buy a big ticket item or branded items, people try to … [Continue reading]

Dashboard should in-line with Business objective

Creating eye candy dashboard and present it to management is good. But how to inference of the dashboard helps to achieve business objectives is very important. Eric T. Peterson Says, "the value is not in the numbers; the value is in what the … [Continue reading]

Google Analytics Databoard Widgets, Which one to use when, Why & How?

​Google Dashbard to find missing dash & dots  2.1 Metric Widget - This will help you to track single Metric with multiple Dimension Filters. This Metric is useful to analyze Goal Or Specific metric with granular … [Continue reading]

Comscore expands Mobile analytics capability

comScore Brings Big Data to Mobile and Multi-Platform Media Analytics. Data from More than 1 Million U.S. Mobile Phone Users, 400,000 Tablet Owners and 150,000 Connected Device Households Power comScore’s Multi-Platform Reporting.. It … [Continue reading]

Googe Analytics – Custom Report Explorer

Google Analytics Custom Report Explorer is superb report type that allows to drill down multiple dimension & metrics. This report will give us broad & granular insights on visitor behavior. If the solution for the problem requires drilling of … [Continue reading]

Digitization of Business helps to understand Consumer Behavior better

This video nicely showcase how various business are digitized and how people are accessing the digital data through various digital medium & devices. Local business marketing through mobile device is going to play a key role in digital marketing. … [Continue reading]

How Google Webmasters tool track / treats sub-domain?

If we syndicate main domain with Google webmaster tool, it treats subdomain traffic  as internal traffic that maps to main domain. But it is not possible to handle sub-domain pages from main domain section (blocked URLS -like disallowing … [Continue reading]

Mobile Internet Penetration Trend in India

More and More people are accessing internet through mobile. The mobile internet penetration is increasing signiicantly year on year globally. In Mobile internet penetration Japan top the list followed by Australia, UK, USA, Germany, China & … [Continue reading]

Does Facebook Graph Search change the way the people search on the Internet?

Facebook lauched Facebook graph search on 23 Jan'13.  Facebook graph search helps facebook users  * to connect with people who shares same interest? * Finding events where the friends are visited? * Finding TV events, movies … [Continue reading]