Google Analytics Goal : While Defining Goal Funnel from Home Page (Beware)

While defining Goal from Home Page in Google Analytics, it is very essential to ensure to clearly define the Home Page path file name in the funnel. Because the  home page funnel may be /, index. or any other option.  So, it is very … [Continue reading]

Google Analytics Search Traffic Report Accuracy Case Study

I analyzed the GA Organic Seach Traffic Report accuracy while Manual Tagging & Auto Tagging are used to contact adwords account during a particular data range. This is the inference Inference (Auto Tagging Option) Out of 2300 visits 42 … [Continue reading]

Google Analytics Tie-up with clickz for mobile user statistics

  This is the mobile  statistics by Google. Mobile will be integral part of marketing mix.   Mobile is no longer an add-on to a campaign, and for many it’s increasingly becoming a central focus. 87% of … [Continue reading]

How to protect google analytics data from manipulation & hacking

Google Analytics is free & aweseome web analytics tool to track the click behavior. GA is a Javascript based trackig solution. The advantage of javascript based web analytics solution is, it is very easy to install & configure as compared to … [Continue reading]

Web Analytics Vs Predictive Analytics for Web / Online

Difference between Web Analytics & Predictive Analytics for Web / Online  Particulars Web Analytcs Predictive Analytics Analyze Visitor … [Continue reading]

Digital Marketers Chennai Meet-ups Few Questions & Answers (Q & A)

Dear Friends, Digital Marketers Chennai Meet-ups Few Questions & Answers that i noted.  Mobile Optimization: Do we need .mobi sites for mobile optimization? Ans. by Digital Marketers Group Chennai: .Mobi Domain is not … [Continue reading]

Does your Website hurt by Google Panda / Penguin Update? Here is the Healing Tool

if you believe your website ranking is being harmed by relevant inbound link or low-quality links points to you. In that case, use to Disavow link tool and choose those irrelevant links and submit Disavow link button. This helps to communicate to … [Continue reading]

Analytics Indian Company Study 2012

I come across Analytics India Company study by AnalyticsIndiamag. Awesome Analytical Company study by Mr. Bhasker Gupta Indian City wise Analytical Company City Wise % of … [Continue reading]

Twitter User Statistics : Who use Twitter and how? Insight

Analytics Firm Beevolve found that most Twitter users are young iPhone users from English speaking countries. What Study Reveals Gender - Women tweets more than men What they Tweet - gals tweet about family and fashion while … [Continue reading]

60% of facebook users access facebook through mobile

Facebook hits 1 Billion users. Out of 1 Billion users 60% of the user’s access facebook through mobile. Moreover, Next to America, Asia is the largest users for facebook. What does it mean to us? Mobile Responsiveness - It is very … [Continue reading]