Choose the right technology to drive Digital Platform

If we want good digital presence, you should choose right technology to run the digital platform. Determine your user device behavior, then build the right digital platform.   If the target audience use more of desktop go for … [Continue reading]

What Google Analytics Data Retention Settings Means? FAQ

Before going to Google Analytics Data Retention Settings, First we need to understand Why Google Analytics brought this settings now? Google brought this Google Analytics Data Retention Settings to adhere General Data Protection … [Continue reading]

Social Media – Automated Response Kills Brand Reputation

What "Word of Mouth" for Offline Marketing is "Social Media" for Digital. Today, I come crossed a security Issue in the Banking Institution Site. I immediately tweeted them the issue.... In few minutes, I got a automated response … [Continue reading]

SEO – Google Organic Meta Description Length Increased from 160 to 320 Characters – Insight from SEO, Analytics & User Perspective

From Yesterday google started showing more content for each search result. The Search result description (Technically called Meta description) length has been increased from 160 Characters to 320 Characters. source: … [Continue reading]

Taking on Patanjali with Ayush 2.0 Contest

I came across a contest in the website on Taking on Patanjali with Ayush. This Contest is only for B School Students. In this contest they defined three Queries I. How would you create a market for Ayush? II. What … [Continue reading]

Firebase Predictions – Start Prediction your App User Behavior & Engage with them

Firebase Build new feature called Firebase Predications that tracks user behavior & generate User group. We can communicate these users group to engage & retain them  Below User Groups are populated to target & engagement … [Continue reading]

How to track hybrid App Traffic (Android & IOS) segment in Google analytics

If you build hybrid app & request are called from webpages.... If we integrated google anlaytics for WEB Property, then the traffic from app is also populated in WEB Property. The challenge is how to segment the Mobile Traffic from WAP & APP. … [Continue reading]

Only 30% of Indian Population has access to Internet

60% of the Urban population is accessed to internet but overall 30% of the Indian population has access to Internet. Nearly 65% of the population are below 35 Year old but still 30% has access to internet means How we Indians is way behind in … [Continue reading]

How to Build Conversion Funnel for Form Field Completion / Abandonment or Exit?

The key Metrics the Digital Marketers/ Product Managers Focus on "Conversion Rate" and find ways to make this rate better & better. To capture the lead, we use different forms - Registration  form, RFI form, Payment form, sign-up … [Continue reading]

Firebase Analytics – Custom Event Setup

Those who are in App Development, would heard of Firebase.  Firebase is a comprehensive app development suite, that helps to build & grow app How to Set-up Custom Events in Firebase Analytics With the help of the Event Param … [Continue reading]