Microsoft Acquires R Software & Services

Microsoft closes acquisition of R software and services provider Microsoft today closed its acquisition of Revolution Analytics, a commercial provider of software and services for the R programming language, making it a wholly owned … [Continue reading]

Google Analytics Feature Release – Update

The following changes in Google Analytics have begun rolling out to user accounts and will be available in the coming weeks. Trash Can: Provides a self-service interface for users to rescue items that were mistakenly deleted from … [Continue reading]

Facebook launches analytics for App

What you can do with facebook app analytics? Break down trends by country, age, gender, language and platform in order to gain insights about how specific groups of people use your app. Funnels - Discover when your customers are … [Continue reading]

App Download Cross Platform Tracking

If you track want to track app download & install from Web / WAP Property, UTM is the best method to track the same. You can also customize source value based on different conditions.  Case Study If ABC company launched an … [Continue reading]

Intelligent Event Alert Google Analytics – sweet spot & pain points

Intelligent Event in Google Analytics helps to build traffic rules to get alerts on daily, Weekly & monthly basis.  Advantages * You can get alert based on the rules / conditions set by you on daily / weekly & monthly … [Continue reading]

Mobile APP Speed Tracking in Google Analytics

In Google Anlaytics for App, App Speed is not the default report (In Web Property, Pag load time is an default report). Mobile App Speed Tracking needs to be configured  The App Speed reports require additional set up in your app … [Continue reading]

Real time analytics is the future

How quick you can track the consumer engagement & take action is the key to business success. The real time analytics will play a key role in decision making process. Moreover real time analytics helps to track & understand whether the … [Continue reading]

What influence a product purchase in B2C?

If a person is purchasing a product, there are different factors influence  to purchase that product.  The influence factor are Brand - Brand place a key role in product purchase in B2C Segment (Particularly in High … [Continue reading]

Data cleansing through Data Sanity / Validation

All business are data drive. All business decisions are taken through data. Business decision goes wrong if he data sanity is not good. It is always good to check data sanity through various data check points / data points in a regular … [Continue reading]

What is Cohort Analysis? How it helps to understand engagement behavior

What is Cohort? A cohort is a group of people who share a common characteristic over a certain period of time. Example: Digital Analytics Group is one Cohort  What is Cohort Analysis? Is used to analyse behavior of a group that … [Continue reading]