Exploring Facebook strategy on Video Platform quickfire networks acquisition

Facebook Stir-up Video Publishing Competition by acquiring video platform Quickfire Network.   What Quickfire Network does? QuickFire Networks, the premier provider of ultra high performance video encoding/transcoding … [Continue reading]

Digital Trends For 2015 from Forbes

Big Data Becoming  Big Insights–Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics Insights - Big data requires more strategic mindset than tactical. There is lot of things evolve in tactical grounds in big data from hadoop, cloudera, … [Continue reading]

Digital Wearables, Will take Consumer Analytics & marketing to next level

Digital wearables (Smart Watch, Smart Bracelet, Smart Glass [Google Glass], will take marketing to next level. These gadgets are new digital venues to serve customized contextual messages based on the Individual behavior.  Health … [Continue reading]

Mobile App Deeplinking & Tracking for better Mobile User Experience

As per Wikipedia "Deep linking consists of using a uniform resource identifier (URI) that links to a specific location within a mobile app (i.e. exampleApp://location/123456), rather than simply launching the app (i.e. exampleApp://). Depending … [Continue reading]

Desktop & Mobile Browser Market Share – 2014

  US Browser Market Share Chrome + Android Browser Penetration Insight: All the Pure Play Desktop browser shows downtrend, but the mobile … [Continue reading]

2015 – The year of Mobile Experience – Desktop Vs Mobile Vs Tablet

Happy New Year to Everyone.The Year 2015 is going to year for analytics & mobile. More % of digital population is connecting with Mobile device (smart phones). Let Study the Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Characteristics / … [Continue reading]

Google Analytics – More Dimensions to Choose from, More Scalability

In Custom Report, Previously you can choose maximum of two dimensions. But recently, you can choose max of 5 dimensions in the flat table. This means there will be more scability in drilling down relevant dimensions to slice & dice the metrics. … [Continue reading]

Analytics data points used for Customer Loyality Initiative

\ Courtesy: International Institute for Analytics  … [Continue reading]

Global Bank IT Spending : Big data analytics key in market trend

Global Bank IT Spending Market 2014-2018, report analyzes the major regions active in the segment as Americas, APAC and EMEA region. The new research report sees Adoption of Big Data Analytics as one of the key trends in the market Global … [Continue reading]

Marketing Strategy & Social Media in next 5 Years

Marketer On the next 5 years for marketing: On an engaging social media presence: Tony Zambito – Founder Of Buyer Persona | Tony Zambito  Marketing will eventually have to … [Continue reading]