Intelligent Event Alert Google Analytics – sweet spot & pain points

Intelligent Event in Google Analytics helps to build traffic rules to get alerts on daily, Weekly & monthly basis.  Advantages * You can get alert based on the rules / conditions set by you on daily / weekly & monthly … [Continue reading]

Mobile APP Speed Tracking in Google Analytics

In Google Anlaytics for App, App Speed is not the default report (In Web Property, Pag load time is an default report). Mobile App Speed Tracking needs to be configured  The App Speed reports require additional set up in your app … [Continue reading]

Real time analytics is the future

How quick you can track the consumer engagement & take action is the key to business success. The real time analytics will play a key role in decision making process. Moreover real time analytics helps to track & understand whether the … [Continue reading]

What influence a product purchase in B2C?

If a person is purchasing a product, there are different factors influence  to purchase that product.  The influence factor are Brand - Brand place a key role in product purchase in B2C Segment (Particularly in High … [Continue reading]

Data cleansing through Data Sanity / Validation

All business are data drive. All business decisions are taken through data. Business decision goes wrong if he data sanity is not good. It is always good to check data sanity through various data check points / data points in a regular … [Continue reading]

What is Cohort Analysis? How it helps to understand engagement behavior

What is Cohort? A cohort is a group of people who share a common characteristic over a certain period of time. Example: Digital Analytics Group is one Cohort  What is Cohort Analysis? Is used to analyse behavior of a group that … [Continue reading]

Marcomms should address the Customer Perceived Risk for better engagement

What is meant by Perceived Risk? The perceived risk is the gap between customer expectation & experience.  Customer Perception - Is the product matches or fulfilling my expectation? Marketing communcation plays a key … [Continue reading]

The Global Web Analytics Market- Boosting Towards $3.09 Billion Business by 2019

The Global Web Analytics Market- Boosting Towards $3.09 Billion Business by 2019 "The global web analytics market is expected to grow from $1.33 billion in 2014 to $3.09 billion in 2019, at an estimated of CAGR of 18.3% during the … [Continue reading]

What is Google Strategy behind Structured Data & new Schema?

Instead of google algrothim fetching key information, you can communicate the key data points to Google using Schema.    Google is more focusing on structured data. Few days back, google come-up with SCheme … [Continue reading]

Google Analytics Introduce Recycle Bin Feature

What is Google Analytics Trash Can? If you accidentely deleted your Google Analytics Account or Property or View, don't panic. You will can restore it from trash can.  Trash Can Limitations? The deleted Account / Property / … [Continue reading]