Products that Triggers the Prospects Impulse will Succeed

The brand that builds products that triggers consumer impulse will penetrate the market easily & faster. If the consumer feels if the product fulfils his perceived interest, the prospects will surely convert to consumers. The question is how to make the prospects more impulsive towards your product & services. The business needs to identify the "sweet spots" of the product that make the prospects more impulse and irresistible towards the product.  

Approach to make the Prospects Impulsive with some Use Case 

  • Create a New product Segment – Create a new product segment that delivers value to customers. Example Reliance Jio (ISP / Mobile Service Provider) USP – First to built new Infrastructure (4G LTE) with  Free trial period & competitive price point that triggers to impulse of the prospects to buy 
  • Build Unique Products that Caters to Specific Culture – Building products that aligns with the culture. Example: Gold Ornaments – People in South Indian are crazy about Gold Ornaments. Gold is one of the essential thing during their cultural functions & to show off their status. Brand like GRT Jewellers, Nathella, Kalyan Jewellers captalize on this by carving unique gold ornaments that triggers to impulse of the prospects & increase the Brand Equity & value
  • Build Trust & Provides Convienence – The Product that address the huge prospects pain points, provide solution & build trust will trigger the prospects impulse. Example: Brand like Amazon, Flipkart, address the consumer pain points, provide solution & build trust through their customer service
  • Products that Set Trends – Consumer love the products that set trends . Example: Google. Google is a 20 year old statistical company (Not only a search engine company) that build innovative products that set trends in the digital space

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