SEO – Google Organic Meta Description Length Increased from 160 to 320 Characters – Insight from SEO, Analytics & User Perspective

From Yesterday google started showing more content for each search result. The Search result description (Technically called Meta description) length has been increased from 160 Characters to 320 Characters.


Google SEO Meta Description Increased


From SEO Perceptive

  • People will only check few search results. People won't navigate to more search result page
  • To be top 5 in the organic search result it is very critical to get more visibility
  • Content is the king
  • The communication that provides solution will get more CTR

From Analytics Perspective

  • Organic Traffic will increase for content rich site
  • Avg. Time on Google Search result will increase
  • Bounce Rate to the Site will decrease

From user Perspective – There is more probability of getting the solution in Google search result itself