What is the secret behind Google Analytics success with 85 percent of market share more than a decade?

Web Analytics Evolution 

20 years back (beginning of 2000) tracking of web metrics is done by logs. Log provides basic level of reporting like hits, sessions, avg. Time on site. Web trends is the log based analytics tool to used to extract web metrics. Then comes the script based web analytics tool called Indextools (Powered by Yahoo). Index tools  is a script based web analytics tool (Paid tool) launched during 2002 by Yahoo. This tool gives provides advanced level web metrics details (more geocentric details) than log based tools.

On  November 14, 2005 Google launched Free Web analytics tool called "Google Analytics" for small & middle size websites with power packed tracking features  (behavior, acquisition tracking, heat maps). More than that Google Analytics is very easy to configure with website (Plug & Play). Then after Google Analytics started to dominate the market share

What made Google Analytics an undisputed leader in analytics space?

Product Innovation &  Enhancement – Google keep on enhancing the web analytics tool year-on-year with advanced level of reporting (Custom dimensions, Funnel, attribution) and helps the website business owners to turn data into insights. 

Product Relevancy – Google ensured that they Google Analytics relevancy to changing Web Eco System (Like WAP, PWA)

Educating Customers – Google Educated Customers on analytics & how to use the tool effectively to get better insights though Blogs (Avinash Kaushik's Occam's Razor)

Who hates free product with full of useful features and meet the customer details. Even Large enterprise uses Free Google Analytics version even though it provides sample data after 50K Hits per day. Even that Sample data delivers 85% accurate that helps in the decision-making.

Huge Swift in Accessing Internet Via device 

After 2015, there is a huge swift in accessing Internet. Due to mobile internet, people started using mobile device instead of desktop (WEB). Companies started to think "Mobile First Strategy" to attract mobile users due to exponential increase in the mobile usage.  
Google done a smart move and acquired Firebase and did some enhancement and named it "Google Analytics for Firebase". Now Google Analytics for Firebase can track WEB, PWA & APP.

Adaptability and Innovation is the secret for Google Analytics Success…. What do you think?