Firebase Analytics – Robust Analytics tool to track WEB, PWA & APP in one go

In this fast changing digital world, tracking customer journey across platform is key to understand the customer behaviour.  Most of the analytics tool tracks platform (WEB, PWA, APP) separately.  There is no sync between the platforms.

Due to this, it is not possible to track the customer journey across platform.

For Example User X login via WEB on day ONE, PWA on day TWO and APP on day THREE. It is not possible to connect the user journey across platform with discreet analytics tool that captures platform data as separate property.

Firebase analytics helps to track the customer journey across platform, it requires proper integration. Then, it is easy to track the customer journey across platform… Whether it is  WEB, WAP, PWA, Native APP, Hybrid APP engagement of the customer.

But one small pain point in Firebase analytics is you need to explicitly pass the User property to tag the platform (Like Hybrid APP, Native APP , PWA, WAP). No other analytics tool giving this 360 degree analytics cross platform tracking feature

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