Perceived Risk – Does Products & services matches consumers expectation?

To acquire and retain the consumer, it is important understand consumer perception towards the product. whether the product & service ful-fill their requirements. 

How to build Postive Consumer perception towards the products?

  • Value the Product delivers – By communicating the product features & benefits without sales pitch
  • Brand Value – By communicating the brand value & credibility like awards 
  • Word of Mouth – What Consumers say about the product has to be communicated through social media 
  • Free Trial – Allowing the prospects to experience the product to avoid perceived risk 
  • Transparency – Communicating the price point clearly 
  • Relationship – Communicating the kind of support deliver 

Below analyses helps to study the visitor behavior

  • Understand how the new visitor navigate the site
  • Understand what info they are looking for
  • What is te Avg. Pages/Visit of visitors
  • Where they exit?