What is Google Project Navlekha for India & How Google Monetize from it? 

What is Google Navlekha Project for India?

  • Navlekha helps Indian Vernacular Language Publishers (Those who don't have online presence) to publishers the vernacular content online
  • This Project is to bring India's 135,000 local language publishers online by making web hosting smooth and simple

What the Google Navlekha Means?

Navlekha in Sanskrit Language means "a new way to write"

What Google Navlekha Tool does to Publishers?

This project comprises a tool that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to render any PDF containing Indian language content into editable text, making it easy for print publishers to create mobile-friendly web content & publish online. 

What is the advantage for Indian Language content Publishers?

Google will offer free hosting, a branded domain for the first three years, and AdSense (its ad platform) support so that publishers can start monetising their content immediately

What the Indian Vernacular Content Statistics Says?
At present, the amount of online content in Indian languages is only one per cent of what is available in English

How Google Monetize from this Project?

  • If Google can manage to increase the Indian language digital content % from 1% to 15% in 3 Years, it will have huge positive impact on Adwords revenue
  • More the Indian language publishers then more regional inventory for Google Adwords advertisers to target regional audience
  • Android OS touches 85% market share in India. This means more mobile users consumers more regional language content. Most Tier II & Tier III users are using smart phones with decent internet connectivity.
  • This Projects helps Adwords to connect with local audience & service relevant ads & notification

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Check Google for India Demo – https://navlekha.page/4260002.html