What is mean by Acquisition in terms of Marketing?

Acquisition is the process of Identifying a prospects and making them to experience the products & experience that has been provided. What the business trying to acquire differs from business to business (It may be a lead, sale, subscription, etc).


The acquisition has two Primary step

  • Step 1 – Identifying the target audience for the product & services

To understand the target audience, one should first understand the product. How the product or service solves the consumer problems? If only the marketers understand the product better, they can communicate to target audience. To understand how the product add value to customer is very very essential. The product needs to be map to different set of target audience

  • Step 2 – persuading the Target audience to experience the product & services

Persuading the target audience consists of

  • Creating attention about the product and services provided
  • Creating interest by communicating values
  • Make customer to act (Decision to buy)

Channel, Device & communication plays a vital role in consumer engagement & acquisition