Why Google introduced Google Data Studio 360?

Image Courtesy: http://online-behavior.comWhy Google introduced Google Data Studio 360?
The objective is to build integrated visualiation report from different data sources mainly from google products & from open source data tools in future.

Google Data Studio 360 – Eye Candy Data Visualization tool for Google Products & much more

Few days back google launched Google data studio 360  to connect & build eye candy graphic visualization reports

What type of Data sources you can connect with?
As of Now, you can connect with different data sources (Initally to google products that generate data like Google Analytics, Adwords, Youtube, Google Sheet, Big query). In future, you can connect with SQL 

What type of graphical representation you can do?
Charts, Graph, Pie Chart & much more

Is it possible to connect multiple data sources?
Yes, it is possible to connect with multiple data sources in one platform & represent the data from these sources

How for the product is Flexible?
You can see the graphical representation for different time window & understand the trend

Is it possible to import external data?
Yes, it is possible to track the external data (through calculated fields) & sync with your other data sources for meaningful insights.

How many reports you can build?
You can build upto 5 reports for free